Chicken Wing 250 gr Cut the ended part; slice it joint between bones until the wing open butterfly. Put double skewer each, one of each side.
Chicken thigh 250 gr Cut fingerling and skewer it each 2 pcs
Button mushroom 30 gr
Green zucchini 30 gr
Yellow zucchini 30 gr
Spring Onion 20 gr
Korean chilli powder 50 gr
Corn malt syrup 20 ml
Mirin 50 ml
Soy sauce 10 ml
Salt and pepper For taste
Onion 50 gr
Garlic 20 gr
Ginger 10 gr
Corn oil 50 ml
Pear 2 pcs
Blend it
Light soy sauce (usyukuchi ) 1 ltr
Mirin 20 ml
Sake 100 ml
Brown sugar 100 gr
Onion 3 pcs
Ginger 2 pcs
Spring onion 2 pcs
Pear 2 pcs
apple 1 pcs
garlic 5 pcs
Sugar 200 gr
water 1 ltr
Corn flour 50 gr
• Put chicken wing , chicken thigh and vegetable in skewer
• Mix the entire marinating ingredient and seasoned it, apply to the chicken and leave it over night.
• Make the Teriyaki sauce put everything except for the corn flour. Until well blended and the aroma of vegetable infused already. Thicken it with corn flour.
• Grill it all the yakitori and basting with teriyaki sauce, serve with grilled vegetable or rice cake.
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