1000 Gram Beef
500 Gram Onion chopped dished
40 Gram Garlic
3 Stick Lemon grass whole but beaten
10 Piece Kaffir lime leave whole
20 Gram Galangal slices
30 Gram Ginger chopped fine
300 Gram Coconut milk
6 Piece Star anis
9 Piece Glove
140 Gram Sugar
200 Gram Coconut desiccated roasted
2 Piece Green chilli
Fry the beef in little oil and put on a drain. Save the jus. Sautéed the onions galangal chopped chilli ginger anis glove lemon grass garlic together in the same pan. Add now the beef and jus and some water if necessary. Let stove 2 hours on small heat with a lit. Add now in the coco milk and de desiccated coconut. Make sure that all your liquid is absorbed by the meat. Finch if necessary with some salt.
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