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Beef Tenderloin 200 gr Slice and seasoned it
Black Rice 100 gr Boil it
Fresh Turmeric 50 gr Peeled it and cut it
Fresh Red Chilli 20 gr Cut it and deseeded
Fresh Coriander 40 gr sprigs
Galangal 50 gr Peeled and cut it
Kaffir lime 20 gr
Coriander seeds 10 gr
Fennel Seed 10 gr
Vegetable oil 50 ml
Coconut Milk 100 ml
Ground Black Pepper 5 gr
Salt 10 gr To taste
Lemon grass 10 gr
Red chilli 10 gr
Oyster Sauce 20 ml


• For beef , slice it and seasoned it , put set a side
• For the black rice , put into boiling water until cooked, strain it and put set a side.
• For the sauce, Saute onion , garlic, galangal, turmeric, lemon grass, red chilli , coriander seed, fennel seed. Put into blender and make paste. After that add the coconut milk and oyster sauce until desired thickness and seasoned well.
• For finishing , sauté the beef and pour the yellow sauce , strain the yellow sauce and put on the plate the beef and garnish it with kaffir lime leave, slice lemon grass and spring onion. And the other sauce put in the bowl.
• Place it also black rice . Serve it .
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